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Divine Bitches is a totally new extreme femdom site, it's a famous MeninPain with more attitude. Way more kinky, intense and cruel, so check it out for Meninpain femdom strapon clips:

divine bitches
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Posted Jul 27

This guy is so fucked over it isn't funny. He's literally the stupid dog boy of this hot blonde hottie who is using him like he's just a walking cock, asshole and hanging balls. This is all true divine bitches need anyway.

Cruel meninpain femdom Mistress makes him grovel around on the floor and subjects him to all sorts of insults and taunting and making him feel totally worthless. He doesn't know what to do because she is in total control of the situation in these meninpain femdom photos and clips.

She tells him what to do and he does it hoping pitifully that she'll give him a whiff or a piece of that tight divine bitches pussy of hers. She's not going to do it, she's teasing him on and on and the dumb fuck is falling for it totally. She bites his ears, kicks him around and then even humiliates him further by making him wear a strap on dildo around his head and stuff it in her shaved tight pussy.

He head fucks her with that special meninpain strap on and she tells him how good it feels in femdom and how much of a sissy dog boy sex slave he is. She's a total blonde dominatrix who rules this fool. Soon he's gasping on the floor for air and begging her to give him some pussy but she's not going to do it, rather kicks his sore balls and cock. She's a total merciless dominatrix from Divine Bitches and you simply have no choice but to submit one day, too.

meninpain movie femdom photos
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Posted Jul 20

How would you like to be in the middle of some hardcore meninpain strapon and femdom cbt action like this poor slob? He's run into one of the divine bitches dominatrixes who are notorious for treating men like submissive love slaves and working them over big time.

She has him bound up in ropes and straps and either hanging strappado style or to a torture bench and in her shiny new latex costume and whip she beats on this guy like he's a worthless piece of male meat in need of sissification. She humiliates him in every way she can and taunts and teases him to no end.

She even uses his own filth to smear all over his face and makes him wallow like a fish out of water. You know you would want a gorgeous divine bitches dominatrix like this to do her evil meninpain femdom strapon action on you and of course some even fiendish cbt.

How about it? Think you could survive a femdom men in pain bondage session with a divine bitches dominatrix? Can you deal with the humiliation and degradation that the dominatrix mistress will dish out to you? You, bound up in ropes and straps, whipped and taunted and treated like a submissive slave boy. The kind of divine bitches action you can try to take and see if Mistress lets you cum for her!

men in pain stories
This Latex Mistress from Divine Bitches Has No Sense of Mercy! Click Here Now!
Posted Jul 15

The epitome of femdom BDSM dominatrixes is seen here in this divine bitches men in pain clip gallery as this dark haired Mistress gets hold of her new bitch boy slave and treats him worse than a dog. She has him bound up femdom bdsm style and starts working him over with plentora of skill and desire to humiliate the fuck out of him.

The cruelty is unmatched in any content you'll see on the web and the level of CBT she subjects this submissive man to is unparalleled. How he can endure such pain and torture is a mystery and the fact the dominatrix is using every tool available to render his cock and balls to the most extreme of tortures is enough to make you sweat.

She even denies him the pleasure of ejaculating as she continually brings him to almost climax and then subjects him to denial. Could you endure the fiendish divine bitches torture this poor bitch boy is enduring?

Would you be able to not scream out for mercy as she applies her sinister craft to you and renders you a cowering and sniveling piece of useless jelly? Well here is where the action starts and the most ruthless and unmerciful divine bitches bdsm action gets heavy! Check out these meninpain femdom photos and clips now!

tease and torture men in pain
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Posted Jul 07

Oh this has got to be the most wildest divine bitches action you'll find anywhere on the internet. This blonde dominatrix is totally owning this slave boy of hers who has no idea the abuse he's about to undergo at her gentle yet very sadistic hands. She's abusing him like crazy and from the taunting to the shipping and the cbt femdom action you can see this slave boy sissy is at her complete mercy.

She holds back none as this blonde, one of the famous divine bitches just takes over this guy and makes him first off mash his face in her crotch for a major bout of face sitting to the ultimate humiliation where she's going to stuff her fist deep into his asshole.

On these Meninpain femdom photos the slave is now rendered a quivering and cowering lump of uselessness at the hands of another of the divine bitches. Do you think you can survive with one of the divine bitches like this blonde mistress here?

Like you could let her bind you up and face smother you and do some fiendish cbt on you not letting you cum when you want to and humiliating you no end? What if she forces you to bend over for a fiendish divine bitches fisting and meninpain strapon femdom fucking?

men in pain femdom movie
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Posted Jul 02

You know you're in for some hardcore divine bitches femdom strapon action when the session starts out with two hot blonde babes who administer some face smothering ass worship as a warm up on you!They don't waste any time getting the nasty stuff going in high gear as they bind up their submissive slave boy and subject him to every unmentionable degrading femdom strapon meninpain torture they can think of.

He grovels around at their behest and Divine Bitches whip him and call him names and make him feel lower than a snake's belly and he takes it all on like the whimpering sissy boy he is. Evil Ladies really work this guy over and even degrade him further by breaking out their strapon dildos and plowing into his tight little asshole and making him beg for mercy.

There's no end to the meninpain femdom stropon humiliation this dude endures at the hands of these divine bitches dominatrixes and they would love for you to join in on their fiendish escapades as they're always on the look out for fresh male meat. They would have you to themselves all tied up in rope or strapped down to a slab where your cock will be milked so hard your cries and whines would please them to no end.

divine bitches cock milking
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Posted Jun 24

This dominatrix is just not going to show her new slave boy any mercy! She's one of the divine bitches whose website has the most extreme and outrageous meninpain strapon femdom dominatrix action you'll find anywhere! Check out this video series to prove the point!

This sweet babe is in fact an evil divine bitch in total ownership of this poor slave boy. She has him strapped up and is humiliating him and treating him like a worthless piece of trash. She whips on him and then breaks out the ropes to do some strappado femdom bondage on him. He can't escape and no one will answer his cries for mercy.

She teases and taunts him with the prospect of getting some of that tight pussy of hers but she's not going to! Instead she breaks out a strapon and goes to work on the dude's asshole and bores that thing out.

Can you imagine if you were in the middle of this action and this divine bitches dominatrix had you bound up bdsm style and was giving you the harsh treatment she's giving this guy? You could be in the middle of this divine bitches action and she could be taunting and binding you up and humiliating you as her newest men in pain sex slave.

meninpain femdom strapon
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